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By Shweta Jha

Yikes! Frequent and Frightening Beauty Dreams

Check out ABCDlady's top five personal care must-haves to banish everyday nightmares.

Forget the thrills and chills of Halloween – sometimes just a glimpse of your reflection can summon the spooks. From grizzly eyebrows to scaly skin, our bodies often stir up these beauty nightmares – and make-up can’t come close to chasing them away. But have no fear! Here are five grooming tools you should always carry with you to protect you from those frightening beauty dreams.

Eek! Creepy Chin Hairs!
Weapon: Tweezers

Talk about prickling with fear! There’s nothing scarier than your new date running a hand down your face and getting poked by errant and coarse facial hairs. You can avoid those hairy close calls by always keeping a trusty pair of tweezers within reach. Just remember, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. After all, there’s no telling the consequences of sexy, smooth skin.

Eek! Gnarly Nails!
Weapon: Nail file

Who’s your dry cleaner, Freddy Kruegar? Those snagged tights and unraveled sweaters aren’t a good look, and they’re sign of ragged nail edges, which often get worse once the weather gets colder. Hit the drugstore and pick up a packet of inexpensive and disposable emery boards – almost any brand will do. Besides earning brownie points for well-groomed hands, your newly neat nails will make those snags and rips a thing of the past.

Eek! Red, Splotchy Eyes!
Weapon: Eye drops

These days it seems like all of us need a splash of eye drops now and again to look well-rested. Every day in front of a computer five times a week means hours of eye strain, and not even your best Kevin Aucoin-inspired smoky eye can de-zombify your look. When a glance in the mirror reminds you of the undead, fake like you’re awake with cooling eye drops to soothe irritation and brighten the day.

Eek! Raw, Bleeding Lips!
Weapon: Petroleum jelly

Pucker up? Not with those kiss-of-death lips. A cracked and peeling pout is unattractive and uncomfortable – not to mention unnerving to the next person who wants to lock lips. Don’t even think about hiding under lipstick – the color will sink right into ridges and make them stand out. Get smooth and healthy lips with the healing power of petroleum jelly. Apply a few times a day after meals or anytime you’re ready for lip service.

Eek! Terrifying Teeth!
Weapon: Dental Floss

Scarier than a Wes Craven flick: You’re lunching alone, eating a spinach salad, and the next thing you know, your current crush appears out of nowhere. You look up and smile; he backs away. Could it be your grin full of greenery? It takes more than a toothbrush to chase away icky bits lodged in your teeth. Dental floss can tackle even the fiercest food particles – and it’s tiny enough to always have around. Make sure it’s within reach, and your surprise lunch could turn into dinner Friday night.

Shweta Jha is a writer in Washington who really doesn't love Halloween except for the spooky makeup tricks. When she's not at her day job editing articles on health policy and politics, Shweta writes all things fashion and beauty for ABCDlady.

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