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Letter from the Editor

Dear ABCDlady Readers,

We have a really great issue for you this month! We discuss the election, domestic violence, relationships and much, much more! Before we get into each of our topics, I’d like to let you know about something we are planning for next month. Although ABCDlady is advertisement-based, advertisements do not cover all our production costs yet. We are four years old now and, for the first time, are turning to our readers for help. In November, we will be conducting a membership drive and will be asking for your support to help us keep your forum alive. Please stay tuned!

At some point this election season, I became obsessed with watching the election coverage. I often watch different network channels just to hear the different biases, and I Google events I may have missed just to get the scoop. I can’t seem to get enough. So when I saw that we had a chance to interview Neera Tanden, Senator Barack Obama’s domestic policy director, we pulled out all the stops. Tanden is not only fascinating because of her high rank on the Obama team, but also because she was Senator Hillary Clinton’s policy director during Clinton’s presidential bid. With great pleasure, we’d like to introduce you to Neera Tanden.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is still an issue within our community. In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are featuring Sakhi, an organization with a unique approach to helping victims of domestic violence. Read on to learn more.

Always plugged in? With social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter, people are connecting with each other in new and unique ways. The increased quantity of relationships that social networking enables, however, doesn’t always equate to quality relationships. This month, our Health and Wellness expert discusses how to build quality, long-lasting relationships to deepen your connections with your loved ones.

We continue to receive good questions for our Love and Sex experts. Remember, if you have a question, scroll down to the bottom of the section to ask the experts! This month, we chat about living with your significant other and deciding whether an IUD is right for you.

Ever forget to do a final mirror check in your rush to leave for work? This month, our Desi Diva gives you a purse full of must-haves. Read all about what you should have on hand at all times to keep you looking your best!

This month we also meet a South Indian who grew up in North India and experienced culture shock when coming to the United States, but not in the way you’d expect. Hear her story.

We continue our series on health awareness with a piece on raising healthy children. With the obesity rate rising and video games keeping our children inside, we take a look at what we, as parents, can do to keep our children fit.

Miffed at how curries are made? Cooking with our cuisine expert this month will have you making curries with ease. Try her two vegetarian curry recipes: vegetable korma and rajma.




Navdeep Kathuria
Editor-in-Chief, ABCDlady

P.S. If you missed it last month, check out ABCDlady's feature on NPR!

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