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College Life

   Kappa Phi Gamma
     University of Texas
     Baylor University
     University of Houston

  Delta Kappa Delta
     Texas A & M University (Alpha Chapter)
     Texas Tech University (Beta Chapter)
     UT Austin Colony
     SUNY Binghamton Colony
     BETIS Colony – Dallas
     Temple University Colony

  Delta Phi Omega
     University of Houston (Alpha Chapter)
     University of Texas, San Antonio (Beta Chapter)
     Drexel University (Gamma Chapter)
     Temple University (Gamma Chapter)
     Thomas Jefferson University (Gamma Chapter)
     Widener University (Gamma Chapter)
     University of Sciences in Philadelphia (Gamma Chapter)
     University of Pennsylvania (Gamma Chapter)
     DePaul University (Delta Chapter)
     University of Texas, Austin (Epsilon Chapter)
     University of Maryland (Zeta Chapter)
     Florida International University
     University of Oklahoma
     Virginia Commonwealth University
     Northeastern University
     University of Florida, Gainesville
     Pace University, Pleasantville
     University of Texas, Arlington
     University of Washington, Seattle
     Penn State University
     Stony Brook University
     Denton City Wide
     University of South Florida
     University of Illinois, Chicago

  Sigma Sigma Rho
     St. John's University, Alpha Chapter
     University of Florida, Beta Chapter
     Drexel University, Drexel Colony
     NYC Colony
     Fordham University
     New York University
     School of Visual Arts
     Baruch College
     Seton Hall University, Seton Hall Colony
     Montclair University, Montclair Colony

   Sigma Beta Rho

   Beta Chi Theta
     Baylor University
     California Polytechnic
     University of Oklahoma
     UC Riverside
     UC San Diego
     UT Austin
     Vanderbilt University
     Purdue University

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College Life Cont'd

Co-ed Fraternity
  Delta Phi Beta


Desi Thrill. Internet platform for those who are interested in modeling, fashion, photography, production, acting, directing and music.

TalentPortfolio.US. Online hosting community of portfolios showcasing the talent of quality professionals. Email or


Seshu's Pipal Produtions. Wedding, Portrait, Editorial & Event Photography. (617)821-7993.

Twin Sun Studios. Commercial and fashion photographer based in Arlington, VA. (703)201-9507.

Night Out

VIP Exclusive. Longing to escape from your daily routine? We take care of everything, from making accommodations to providing you with the amenities you need. Ask for South Asian packages. Special rates available to ABCDlady readers: (540)226-7212.


The Urban Indian Beat, Inc. Fusion Modern Dance Company blending American and Indian dance elements together. Located in Houston. (281)650-1149. Email:

The Archana Dance Academy. Learn Bharatnatyam and Bollywood Fusion Dance. Classes conducted at two locations in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Age no bar. Contact: Shaily Dadiala at (267)994-7285. Email:


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